Other Projects

These are some of the other large projects that I maintain. Note that video games and programming languages have their own respective pages.

Melting pot of programming language logos

Euler's Melting Pot

In this challenge, we try to complete every Project Euler problem in a different programming language!

The sky in Minecraft, full of Vector (from Despicable Me) and parrots

A Turtle's Troll

A Minecraft troll plugin that turns the game into a unique challenge.

Top-down game board containing a variety of environmental effects

Wish Upon A Star

A self-modifying online board game that can get complicated fast.

Yellow Greek letter lambda, with a blue glow


Python functional programming library that provides helpful syntax for lambdas and for itertools-style streaming operations.

Black hand-drawn robot head on white background


Discord bot providing a variety of useful tools to administrators and users alike.

Yellow Greek letter lambda, with a blue glow

Advent of Code Challenge Repos

Similar to Euler's Melting Pot, I work through the Advent of Code December challenges in a variety of programming languages.