Euler's Melting Pot

Project Euler is an ongoing series of programming challenges which releases new challenges approximately once a week. I plan to complete all of the Project Euler challenges, with each one done in a different programming language. This project is called Euler's Melting Pot.

I am releasing an educational video series on YouTube where I go into detail on each solution I write, talking about the language used and the mathematics behind the solution. Expect new videos every one to two weeks.

You can also check out the GitHub repo, where I've completed over a hundred of these challenges already. I've already used languages ranging from standard (Elixir and Rust), to historical (COBOL and Dylan), to golfing (Jelly and Golfscript), to simply bizarre (Shakespeare and Taxi), and even a few games (Factorio and Minecraft).

Euler's Melting Pot is not affiliated with or endorsed by Project Euler in any way.