A Turtle's Troll

A Turtle's Troll is a Minecraft server plugin for the Paper server framework. This plugin is designed to turn Minecraft into a troll game, with many features designed to frustrate, intimidate, or simply antagonize the player.

The plugin is available on GitHub and is fully configurable; users can set the difficulty level and can enable or disable whichever features they like.

A Turtle's Troll is being designed alongside Raccoon Mischief and Evanski's Chaos Pack, both of which are designed by my friend EvanSki.

A partial list of some of the more exciting features this plugin and EvanSki's companion projects enable.

Try it out yourself! Download the latest release and drop it in your server's plugin folder today!

Gameplay Screenshots

A beautiful sky full of Vectors and angry parrots.
A Weeping Angel and an army of wither skeletons accost the player.
Slimes split into larger slimes upon death.
Lava spreads faster, and fluid mechanics are shuffled.